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A fulfilled life begins with a rich education.

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The quality of life of each person is given by the fulfillment of different needs. According to Maslow’s Hierarchy personal fulfillment and therefore achieving a higher quality of life is related to fulfilling 5 categories of needs.

1. Basic needs or psychological needs. These include food, water, clothing, enough rest, shelter, and reproduction.

2. Security needs protection against aggression, robbery, and theft, financial security, emotional security, well-being, and health security.

3. Social needs: friendship, family relationships, physical and emotional intimacy, inclusion in certain social groups

4. Needs for self-esteem, higher needs: self-respect, self-esteem, self-confidence, and independence

5. Self-updating needs; continuing education, talent development, caring for others, the desire to visit and meet new places and people, and winning awards.

The ease with which every need is met is directly proportional to education.

Depending on the environment in which each individual is born, access to education may be more difficult or easier, but once they reach the stage of understanding the need for education, nothing can stop them from achieving the quality of life they want.

Nowadays, the options for increasing the educational level are unlimited and are accessible to everyone in different forms. Formal education can be and must be continued throughout life in order to reach the desired living standards.

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